Our reports represent the superior lab product we provide. Our reports are easy to read and understand so that health care providers are able to quickly look at the front page and understand what the report represents clinically for the patient.

Antibiotic Stewardship requires efficient and precise decisions to balance treatment options in favor of combatting resistance. The decision to hold an antibiotic or to appropriately choose the most narrow spectrum for the infectious pathogen requires good, reliable data. We can no longer afford to empirically treat or wait and see what happens. Our reports reflect this data providers need to win this battle.

Example of Assurance pathogen detection preliminary lab report

Our Pathogen Detection Preliminary Report shows the provider immediate PCR results from which can be used to make initial diagnostic and treatment decisions. Click on the image above to view a sample preliminary report from our UTI panel.

example of assurance pathogen detection final lab report

Our Pathogen Detection Final Report shows the provider the complete confirmed picture of findings to make sure the provider choses the best and most efficient decision for each patient. Click on the image above to view a sample final report from our UTI panel.

Sample Lab Reports

Click on a panel below to download a sample report for that panel.

For examples of sample lab reports for Antibiotic Resistance and Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing, please see the UTI sample lab report.