COVID-19 Pandemic Article

Assurance is Now Offering Confirmatory Sequencing for all COVID-19 Variants

Now Offering Confirmatory Sequencing for COVID-19 Variants

Assurance Article on the affects of using short-term antibiotics

Use of Short-Term Antibiotics

Assurance article discussing onychomysosis being the most common disorder affecting the nail unit

Overlooked & Underdiagnosed: Onychomycosis

Assurance article on the ongoing fight against antibiotic resistance

The Ongoing Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

Assurance guideline on all collection materials for testing

Collection Materials Guide

Assurance now testing fungal infection panel and instructions for collecting fungal samples

Fungal Infection Testing

Assurance article on infection disease management: does PCR make a difference?

Infection Disease Management: Does PCR Make a Difference?

Assurance article discussing acute wounds and wound care

Precision Wound Care Guided by Molecular Diagnostics

Assurance COVID-19 bulletin discussing laboratory methods and test data

COVID-19 Technical Bulletin

UTIs and Antimicrobial Resistance: A role of PCR-based diagnosis

UTIs & Antimicrobial Resistance Article

Assurance bulletin discussing the importance of co-infections, covid-19 and co-infections, and pcr testing

Co-infections Technical Bulletin

Vaginal Infections and Maternal-Child Health

Physician Brochure

Assurance nursing home brochure - helping you improve the level of care you provide for your residents

Nursing Home Brochure

Testimonial Flyer

polymerase chain reaction testing flyer

PCR Testing Flyer

COVID Respiratory Panel Lite

covid respiratory panel pathogen list flyer

COVID Respiratory Panel

covid respiratory panel plus pathogen list flyer

COVID Respiratory Panel Plus

Urinary Tract Infection panel with antibiotic resistance pathogen list flyer

UTI Panel

Urinary Tract Infection panel plus with antibiotic resistance pathogen list flyer

UTI Panel Plus

Wound/Derm Panel

Sexually transmitted infection panel pathogen list flyer

STI Panel

vaginitis panel with pathogen list flyer

Vaginitis Panel

gastrointestinal panel with pathogen list flyer

Gastrointestinal Panel

fungal infection panel with pathogen list flyer

Fungal Infection Panel

antibiotic resistance panel with gene list flyer

Antibiotic Resistance Panel

antimicrobial sensitivity testing panel with gram negative and positive list

Antimicrobial Sensitivity Testing

antimicrobial susceptibility testing frequently asked questions

AST Frequently Asked Questions