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Assurance Scientific Labs

Empowering Clinicians with Diagnostic Assurance

At Assurance Scientific Labs, we believe that our tests should be available to everyone. We utilize technology and assays to rapidly identify pathogens and antibiotic resistance. Our lab currently offers numerous pathogen assays within 8 different panels, with many more panels in development. We also have 8 antimicrobial resistance assays available as panel add-ons.

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Lab Stats

2021 Trends from Assurance Labs Data


APR 11-17

APR 18-24

APR 25 – MAY 1

MAY 2-8

COVID 1.89% 1.97% 2.04% 1.74%
H. influenza 8.76% 4.37% 13.08% 13.74%
Flu A/B 1.46% 0.0% 0.24% 0.29%
M. cat 16.42% 6.56% 20.82% 23.98%
Rhinovirus 10.92% 4.23% 9.68% 12.63%
Strep A 3.14% 0.0% 1.07% 1.05%

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Streamlined Process


Collect a patient specimen.


Send the specimen to our lab via overnight shipping or courier.


The specimen arrives in our lab and results will be ready in one day.


Results are delivered on a one page summary that provides answers to most questions, without having to review pages of data.